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Work Based Learning

The supporting and advisory role of JISC Regional Support Centre-London includes the every changing Work Based Learning (WBL) sector. This sector is an equal partner in the ongoing strategy to extend e-learning across all post-16 sectors. The RSC London team works directly with WBL providers in the region to ensure that the opportunities created by the development of new learning technologies can be fully realized to the benefit of providers, learners and staff.

To ensure that the RSCs continually meet the needs of their WBL clients, the ten regional WBL advisers consult on an on-going basis with national stakeholders, provider networks and a range of different types of WBL learning providers. The advisers also meet regularly to exchange ideas on best practice and to ensure a joined up advisory process is offered across England and Wales.

Work Based Learning providers can enjoy free access to information and resources, join networks and forums to share effective practice and participate in a range of RSC events.
For those organisations who have already made a recognised commitment to their e-learning development, RSC London can provide additional support with strategic issues and e-learning development.

To arrange a one to one visit to discuss the needs of your organisation or to find out more about the range of services we can offer, contact Roger Gould at:
r.gould@rsc-london.ac.uk or on 07795 107185



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