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Event Report: Moodle in the WBL Sector

20 May 2010

HEFCE, Centre Point, London, WC1

The London Learning Portal – An Overview
Roger Gould - RSC London

Roger gave an overview and a demonstration of the RSC London Learning Portal project. Based on the vision of making Moodle accessible to all WBL providers in the region, a brief history of the project was given together with its objective and how it is being developed together with a group of providers that were selected from across the region. Using ULCC as the host and developer, the portal will give the individual users (providers) access to their own Moodle space. Within their own space, the providers can develop courses, upload resources and get access to other facilities such as Mahara and eILP. The e-portfolio Assessment Manager will also be made available later in the year
LLP Presentation

Mahara and Moodle at Lewisham College
Patricia Forrest - Head of e-Learning and Innovation (Lewisham College)

Patricia demonstrated Lewisham’s e-ME Learner Portal by linking live to show an interesting content in the VLE using different features and tools of Moodle. Also shown was the e-PDPs (ILPs) used with students and their e-portfolios (Mahara).  Part of the approach taken at Lewisham is to give the tools to the learners and allow them to find out about it and use it.  This has achieved remarkable results with Mahara with the production of interactive CVs and the active use of the students’ social network area.


Hardest to Help - Using Moodle in Welfare to Work
Andrew Poulton - Careers Development Group

With a broad range of clientele to serve, Andy gave an introduction and demonstration of ‘Build’, CDG’s Moodle system designed to meet the needs of learners who are on Welfare to Work programmes. His presentation gave an interesting and alternative use of Moodle as most of the ‘courses’ were designed offer basic skills and personal development schemes as opposed to the ‘normal’ vocational or academic training programmes. Build presentation


The final session gave delegates an opportunity to form into small groups and discuss the benefits of embedding a Moodle within their own organisations.




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